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In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Guelph is stepping up. Many people have offered to help each other get through this coronavirus. This website brings together all such community-driven people-powered initiatives in one place. On this page, you will find an interactive map of a growing list of local restaurants that are offering delivery and take-out options. Please share this website widely..

Map of local restaurants open for business during covid-19

The information from this map was crowdsourced from our loving community. If you don’t see your favourite restaurant on the map, click here to add it in. This map was last updated March 26

This map was built in public interest by Abhi with support from Natalie and Jamey Rosen. Not affiliated with City of Guelph or University of Guelph or any other entities. Information on this website may not be accurate or up-to date. Use with discretion. All rights reserved.

For questions or concerns, please email me akantamn (at) uoguelph.ca

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