In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Guelph is stepping up. Many people have offered to help each other get through this coronavirus. This website brings together all such community-driven people-powered initiatives in one place. On this page, you will find links and other information about accessing local, provincial and federal supports. Please share this website widely.

Locally relevant information

How to access federal and provincial supports

  • The definitive guide for navigating covid-19 related federal and provincial supports, benefits and tax subsidies – Updated frequently and compiled by Dr. Jennifer Robson, Associate Professor of Political Management, Carleton University using public information.
  • Covid-19 Guelph Resources by Emily Erin Bruce[emilyerinbruce (at)], who says “Resources seem to be posted sporadically and not in one place which makes it difficult for everyone to gain knowledge and access support. As such I have created a running list to help bridge these gaps”
    • includes health resources, current health centre operations, mental health resources, financial resources, how to stay healthy, how to keep occupied, and shopping & food resources.
  • Multi-lingual resources on covid-19: by Occupational Justice for Newcomers, who say “Support the efforts of health care providers and advocates in your community to increase access to current, accurate, and place-specific health information on COVID-19.” Contact OJNN at to add new resources to the list.
  • What happens if I can’t pay rent on April 1st? – Resource for off-campus students posted in GryphLife
  • I Lost My Gig Group – a space for arts and other vulnerable freelance and gig workers in Canada and beyond to share stories and resources addressing the impacts of COVID-19 and growing income precariousness more broadly. Also a place to figure out how to access provincial and federal supports.

This website is built in public interest by Abhi with support from Natalie. Not affiliated with City of Guelph or University of Guelph or any other entities. Information on this website may not be accurate or up-to date. Use with discretion. All rights reserved.

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